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Friday, December 27, 2019

Merry Christmas

This was our last week of Christmas yoga...It was nice to see that the kiddos remembered many of the poses!

3's Class!

 Present pose!

  The Christmas tree pose looks really nice in the chapel with all the lights!

 They love helping "Opening presents" with me  :-)

 After that we decided to take a few deep snow breaths  :-)
It was Quinn's turn to pick a pose....She chose the sneaky little elf!

Penguin waddling is always fun   :-)

Great candy cane twisting 3's class!   I told them to keep their feet in the same spot and try to just move their top half.

Abe was really getting into it!

 Sled pose is a nice abdominal stretch...

Hi Zander  :-)
 We finished with belly breathing

Toddler Time

 Pema is getting her toes  :-)
 Nice stretching Hope  :-)

Can you reach up to the sky?
I see that little smile Beckett   :-)

Noah was super excited when we were marching on our mats!

Sophie always joins me on my mat   :-)

Carter, Pema,  and Sophie all wanted to sit on my mat  :-)

Fours Class
They love using their fists as "bows" during present pose....such a neat idea!

Next is was time to help me "Open a giant present"  
 They used lots of energy during this workout.... We ended up going faster, and faster, and faster!

Smile, take a deep breath and relax...its the "Star" pose

 Great candy cane twisting Sawyer and Ryan!  Way to work those tummy muscles!

Harper wanted to try twisting with her hands on her hips and Sadie wanted to try it with her arms down at her sides ....I love the creativity ladies!

Tip toe, tip toe...shhhhh         Here come the little elves   :-)

Had a good time in the 2's!

We started with a Christmas tree pose  :-)

Nice job Greta!

Lyla is stretching!

Sled pose  :-)
I love her smile!

Nice job on the sled pose Bodhi!
 Story really like the penguin waddle!

Miss Jasmine is helping Henry  :-)

What good listeners  :-)

 Hey Jake!