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Friday, September 27, 2019

Week 3 of September

Last week of September's Mindful Moments....

Fours Friends  :-)
  Nice balloon breathing friends !!!!

 "I am Safe"

We started with mountain pose.  I told the class to open their chests....Aiden and Harper took that very seriously! 

 MOOOOOOOO  its the cow pose!

 Pretend you are a little seed......
 Growing your roots deep

 Chugga Chugga Choo comes the train pose  :-)

 For butterfly pose I told the fours to softly flap their wings.....

The friends in the nursery had fun stretching with teachers and even trying a couple poses  :-)

 Lucas is checking out the mat..

Leah is trying legs up :-)
Lucas is trying legs up too and Amani is stretching her leg :-)
Time for Elouise to try legs up :-)

Anna can do legs up too  :-)
And staff pose!
Big stretch Amani!
Nice moves!

Lucas and Amani both did cow pose!
My camera is pretty fun to look at  :-)

Miss Asia is helping Amani reach and stretch

SOO Big!

SOO big!

2's Friends  :-)
Deep breath in...
Smile... and breathe out :-)
We tried drain breathing too....

And balloon breathing :-)

Cow pose :-)

Abe is doing the silly bear pose
Downward dog pose....I told the friends that happy dogs wag their tails :-)

Can you squat like a frog and catch flies with your tongue?   :-)
During butterfly pose Jacob was trying to "flap his wings" without holding his feet together...
I said "No hands butterfly pose woooooo"

Three's Friends :-)

Good cow pose Ari!

We call this owl pose.   We take deep breaths and slowly turn our heads from side to side. 

 This is the frog pose :-)
 I told the class to try to catch flies with their tongues   :-)

 Next we practiced the butterfly pose
 Zander was sitting super still...

 Isaac thought it was pretty silly!

 Next we tried the downward dog pose...I asked the friends to please make sure their hands and feet are on the mat so we can keep our necks safe

Time to rest in starfish pose  :-) 

 I gave the 3's class 2 thumbs up for remembering our secret yoga word:    Namaste  :-)

Toddler Time!
 First I asked the friends to pick a mat :-)
 Soo Big!
 Sophie thought it was pretty funny  :-)

 Can you touch your mat?

 Hi Adalind!

 I was patting the mat with my hands and Rowan was stomping his was pretty cute!