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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

New Poses

This month we are trying St. Patrick's Day yoga poses.

The 4's class was 1st....

  We started with the Irish flag pose.

Aiden and Ryan were very focused  :-)
Good stretching Marcus!
 This is the four leaf clover pose....I told the class to pretend their hands were leaves....I encouraged them to "spread their leaves" by wiggling their fingers and toes  :-)

Remington and Sadie are doing the rainbow pose too....Nice job you two!
Campbell, Marcus, Margaret, and Quinn are trying the rainbow pose.....I can tell they are really feeling the stretch!
Blu and Miss Kim are trying the horseshoe pose...You are supposed to touch the bottom of one of your feet...Its a great way to practice balancing on one foot :-)
Nice moves Addie and Lucy!

Next we tried the harp pose....Its just like triangle pose!

I think Harper is trying a more advanced version of this pose  :-)

Nice harp pose Blu!
 This is the pot of gold pose....after a few seconds I had them switch which foot they were holding  to feel a little different stretch

Ryan is trying his own pose....looks like a good leg workout!

After that we curled up in a tiny ball for the blarney stone pose  :-)

This is the leprechaun pose....A few of the friends noticed that it was just like tree pose  :-)

I told the kiddos that if they wanted the pose to be extra tricky they could move their foot back and fourth in the air....It looks like Blu is giving it a try!

Very stable Lucy....well done  :-)

We finished with the Irish dancer pose....this was difficult...but lots of fun to try!

 The 3's Class had Mindful Moments on hat day

We took a few big deep breaths during the Irish flag pose

After that we "spread our leaves" during the 4 leaf clover pose :-)

 Then we sat on our knees and stretched our side muscles with the rainbow pose

I held up a picture of a pot of gold and the 3's if they knew what it was...  Greta said it was "treasure"  
 This pose stretches our legs and shoulders :-)

I told the kiddos that if their body felt okay they could try grabbing both of their feet....Frankie, Kate, Greta,  Abe and myself tried it :-)

Abe is trying the harp pose....
He decided to watch again to see what I was doing....

There it is!   Nice work Abe :-)
 We curled up in a little ball for the blarney stone pose :-)

I asked the 3's if they wanted to try a super silly pose.....I told them for the "3 leaf clover" pose we had to have 3 of our "leaves" touch the ground instead of all 4.

 The 3's noticed that the leprechaun pose looked just like the tree pose!

 We ended our yoga time by breathing very slowly like a hibernating bear :-)


 I had each child choose a candle picture and a flower picture

We did a breathing exercise where we smelled our flowers and blew out our candles...they really enjoyed this  :-)
 The 2's liked this Irish flag pose.
We took a big deep breath as we stretched our arms high.  Then we exhaled as we bent down and touched the ground  :-)   

After that we "spread our leaves" for the 4 leaf clover pose

We played a little game next.....When I said "give yourself a hug" the 2's crossed their arms and legs....  When I said "spread your leaves" the 2's went back to the 4 leaf clover pose

They had lots of fun with this game.....

I think we spent more time on this game than all the other yoga poses combined!

The 3 leaf clover pose was a little tricky but super fun!
 Nice job Louie! 

Piper is stretching her side for rainbow pose!
Story is really reaching!

Feel the stretch Bodhi   :-)

 Jacob was excited to help with the leprechaun pose :-)

Good balancing Lyla!
Lily and Story are holding so still!

We ended by curling up into a little ball for the blarney stone pose :-)

I don't remember what I was laughing about....must have been super funny!

The Toddlers
As soon as we got the mats out Ethan started doing the downward dog pose...what a good idea!
 Feel the stretch on your tummy and back Adalind!

Hey Rowan :-)

Can you "chomp chomp" like an alligator?
Sophie can!
Beckett can!
Pema can chomp like an alligator too :-)

Anna tried it too :-)

Ethan tried the alligator chomping :-)
 They thought the monkey picture was pretty funny!

We tried some great big elephants stomps....

Adalind is striking a pose!
We also tried some bear crawling....they like to roar when we do that :-)

Nice job toddlers!